Me and cycling

I like to cycle a lot, whether alone or with partner, however I prefer to cycle with at least one partner. I enjoy little more active ride downhill and it feels better when you think, that someone will call emergency in case of emergency.

I cycle for various reasons

My bicycle

Obviously when I cycle, I use some bicycle for it. Because I am a sportsman, I have bicycle for exercising: not branded one, but the cheap one from the Hypernova (supermarket). However I advise you to buy elsewhere, it almost fell apart until I came home so I had to fasten each screw and adjust gear swapping mechanism.

Some time later I literally broke off both gear swapping levers during a ride. I replaced the first one by metal one from an old bicycle and I obtained replacement for the second one on waste disposal.

I had mixed feelings at the beginning, but overtime I get it usable. However the bicycle needed some light source. Solid light source. Preferably with single energy source for both: front and back light, so I don't have to care for two of them.

I obtained and mounted the light by myself: fog-lamp from a Škoda car at the back and reflector from a Karosa bus in the front. Switch (main / dipped / parking) was located on the handlebar and master switch was located on the rod between the seat and the handlebar. As a source I utilized motorcycle battery (4Ah). It was being carried in the box at the rear part, but the box was plastic and was slowly breaking apart (until it broke altogether).

The small battery was able to feed the powerful light for about 20 minutes moreover some good-natured truck driver succeeded to throw a rock towards the light, which didn't take it. So I crawled some pages and ordered some 165 000 mcd LEDs. I mounted them in the place of the original front light in two panels by 6 LEDs, so it provided sufficient light. I replaced also backlight bulb with LEDs, so the battery was able to feed the complex for a reasonable time.

Original switch (main / dipped / parking) was preserved as a resistor adding one, dimming LEDs into not so usable source, just enough to make me visible to other road users. This setting was used for well lighted roads, for even longer battery durability.

I may pedal little more uphill (well, I am a sportsman so I can), but the downhill ride is much more satisfying this way. Also the feeling of turning on the lights at night and being able to actually see the terrain is great, mostly during downhill ride for avoiding terrain discrepancies.

fullbike and mefront

Over time I made it to MFF CUNI in Prague and I have no time left for bicycle maintenance anymore. From time to time, when I am home and the weather is warm enough, I go cycling. However I still enjoy hills and active ride downhill, so I let the bicycle feel that it is mountain bike. Active rides in combination with no time for maintenance resulted in battery box to fell off, so I removed both, front and back light completely (for safety reasons). Now the bicycle has no light source so it is suited only for day rides.