Mgr. Miroslav Chomut - Personal portfolio

Welcome on my homepage. Apart from the homepage you can find three sections here: CV, Finswimming and Others.

Section CV contains mainly my structured curriculum vitae. Moreover it contains two separate subpages describing two of my hobbies: programming and cycling.

Section Finswimming contains description of the finswimming itself and stuff related to club KVŠ Careta Zvolen and its competitors: Infotable (used as on-line club board), championship results, results of individual club's competitors (along with various statistics), various graphs, performance classes, records (including history), club statistics and club records.

Section Others contains everything else. Description of my hobby in building Tesla Coil, Download, where one can mostly download part of my creations, simple Sudoku Solver (only partly solves Sudoku), Calendar with names, simple CHAT, simple Forum, option to send me an E-Mail directly from the page, actualization log, page with counters (for all subpages) and web game Termitary.

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Feast in Slovakia is: "Želmíra" and feast in Czech Republic is: "Vladimír"